Maryvale Nurseries Limited is jointly owned by Jane Weir and Les Briscoe, who started their first nursery in 1983. Both Jane and Les are qualified NNEB childcare practitioners, NVQ Assessors and Les holds a BA Hons in child education with Leadership and Management. Both have studied at John Moores University to gain a certificate of professional development. They continue to have a hands on role in the running of the four settings.

We Offer Your Child

  1. A specially tailored curriculum leading to approved learning outcomes
  2. Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children

Ofsted Said The children are happy and settled due to the calm, positive interaction of the staff.

Our Staff

We are proud of the ratio of adults to children in each of our settings. This ensures individual attention to the needs and development of each child. Our staff are qualified to NVQ level 3 (or equivalent) or are working towards this standard.

Each setting has a member of staff working towards the Early Years Professional Status qualification. It is our aim to exceed all guidelines for staffing level and qualifications at all of our settings. A full list of the staff at each setting is available either from the Nursery Manager or staff boards at the setting of your choice.

Parents/carers play the key role in children’s learning.
They are experts on their own children and they are a child’s first and enduring educators

(2.2 Early Years Foundation Stage)

The role of the Parents/Carers


  • Provide the names and telephone numbers of people we can contact in case of sickness or emergency and inform us of any changes
  • Inform us if you cannot collect your child and tell us who will do so on your behalf, with a description of what they look like and ensure they know the child’s secret password
  • Inform us of any reasons for absences • Tell us of any significant happenings at home which may affect your child’s behavior in nursery

Starting nursery

  • Attend nursery with your child during settling-in time until he or she is happy to be left
  • Provide clothing that is easily washable (they will get dirty)
  • Share your child’s interests by talking with them about what they have been doing in nursery
  • Tell us about your own observations and provide comments which will be added to your child’s record
  • Discuss or write comments on the care we are providing, we welcome feedback