Welcome to all our Parent, Carers & Families

Dear Parent/carer, Maryvale nurseries was established on the 19th September 1983 by Jane Weir and Les Briscoe. Both Jane and Les are still active members of our teams and regularly visit our nurseries every week. When Jane and Les established their first nursery they wanted to create a happy and approachable environment, striving to foster a feeling of ‘family’. Jane and Les soon recognised that the staff being called by their first names or Miss, Mrs, teacher just didn’t seem to hit the mark, so Aunties/uncles developed. Amazingly enough, the children being as young as they are, do recognise the difference between their real aunties/uncles and their nursery aunties/uncles. Thank you for choosing Maryvale Nurseries Limited. We hope the time you spend with us will be a happy and rewarding time for all.

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We Help Your Child Thrive

Maryvale Nurseries was founded nearly 40 years ago by qualified childcare practitioners Jane Weir and Les Briscoe. We currently comprise of four settings and are dedicated to ensuring early learners and young children get the best start possible in their life, with the development and enrichment of social skills through education, interaction and much more.

Each of our settings provides the same specially tailored curriculum that leads to approved learning outcomes.

Individual care and attention is made possible by a high ratio of adults to children.

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The Mission & The Vision

What Is The Vision?

Our vision is simple. We wan to provide the best care and education to the children that are in our charge, be inspired by them and to ensure our environments and settings are great places to work to help inspire all to be the best they can.

What Is The Mission?

In order to achieve our vision, we have mission objectives. Firstly we want to enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age. To do this we will provide safe, secure and stimulating environments for the children under our care. While in these environments we endeavour to work within a stable framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children.

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Fully Qualified Specialist Staff

We are proud of the ratio of adults to children in each of our settings. This ensures individual attention to the needs and development of each child.

Our staff are qualified to NVQ Level 3 (or equivalent) or are working towards this standard. Each setting has a member of staff working towards the Early Years Professional = Status qualification. It is our aim to exceed all guidelines for staffing level and qualifications at all of our settings.

A full list of the staff at each setting is available either from the nursery manager or staff boards at the setting of your choice.

Our Reviews

  • Thank you all so much for helping our little girl. She absolutely loves coming into nursery and that’s all credit to you all.
  • Thank you for all for the love and care you have shown my little boy settling into nursery.
  • We are delighted with the quality of care and education our little boy receives at Little Acorns. The staff always make him feel so welcome when he arrives each morning. He was quite shy and anxious when he first started, he now skips in with a big smile on his face.
  • Childs Voice We have a fantastic relationship with our staff, nothing can make it better!
  • Childs Voice Holiday Club is already excellent. The staff really are brilliant!
  • Holiday club make us feel 100% welcome. They have always got time for a chat. I would recommend holiday club 100% to my family. My own friends even have children in holiday clubs and have mentioned they are very happy with the outcome.
  • Parents Voice The staff at Holiday Club are so friendly and approachable.
  • Parents Voice Just so much for them to do and is full of fun! My some love attending. All the staff are extremely approachable and I feel I am leaving my son with family.
  • Our little boy loves nursery. Little Acorns staff are friendly and put our minds at rest. Our little boy became unwell at nursery, we couldn't fault the staff, they are very experienced and cared for him like their own.
  • My little boy loves running into nursery. If I mention the aunties names, he gets excited, so this makes me happy.
  • Our daughter absolutely adores your nursery. The aunties are incredibly warm, caring and attentive. We are so grateful for everything you do.
  • Dear Aunties, We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and support you provide at Little Gems. Your unwavering commitment to her well-being, growth and development is truly appreciated. It is evident in her smile and the enthusiasm she brings home. Your dedication and kindness do not go unnoticed and we are genuinely grateful for all that you do.
  • We are so happy with how our little boy is cared for by Bright Days staff. We really appreciate the hard work of all the staff, we only have a positive feeling towards Bright Days. We will be sad the day he has to leave and we know he will be too!
  • Amazing job all you ladies do at Bright Days Nursery, I couldn't thank you enough!
  • I love the girls at Bright Days, wouldn't trust my kids with anyone else. The staff do an amazing job. Both my children love going to nursery!
  • Bright days is a lovely nursery. The staff have been very welcoming and the fact the twins have settled in so quick proves that. Thank you.
  • I love the staff it's like leaving your child with a member of your own family.
  • Me and her dad feel so much more settled with her being in First Class she is so much happier.
  • My child has come on loads since starting at First Class Nursery!

Want To Know More?

Ofsted said the children are happy and settled due to the calm positive interaction of the staff.